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released September 7, 2012


tags: folk York


all rights reserved


The Flanagan Collective York, UK

We're a group of people who like to make stuff and make stuff happen.

We're always very happy to chat.
info@theflanagancollective.co.uk / @FlanCol

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Track Name: The Wandering Boy
As I walked in the morning
A boy came skipping down
Right in front of me he tarried
And gambolled all around

‘My dear maid, will you come walking?’
He asked with extended hand
And led me on such wanderings
Through far and distant lands

This little lad was tireless
And feared not any foe
Though none did come obstruct us
And safely we did go

Through many fields we wandered
Between snowy, lush and green
He took me round to wonders
That I have never seen

‘My boy, where are we dancing?’
I asked as he skipped on
‘For we’ve been going on forever
And seem still to go on’

Still ceaselessly he waltzed
Though my legs did never tire
And the boy, he never aged any
And his eyes were filled with fire

And in the morning when I woke up
The boy was barely there
A memory of a cherub
Filled with the magic of the fair

And each night as I’m sleeping
I seek his guiding hand
And go join in the dancing
In those wondered distant land.
Track Name: Cheers
Cheers to the memories
And cheers to the times
Cheers to the footpaths and
The mountains we climbed

Cheers to the firsts
And cheers to the lasts
Cheers to the futures
And the fondly folded pasts

Cheers to the friends
And cheers to the folk
Cheers to haphazard way
Our lives have been bespoke

Cheers to daytimes and the nighttimes we’ve shared
To those who loved and hated, but all those still cared
Cheers to the handshakes, the heartaches and the hugs
Cheers to the ugly, the bad and the good

Cheers all, with a glass we smile
And give our Thanks for the time we have whiled
We’re grateful and we’re honored
To have stayed with you so long
But we set sail at daybreak
Fill the spaces when we’re gone
Track Name: Humans Flying
Draw in the bass drums
And play down the horns
Just leave the air to woo

The breeze to tickle a fancy
And the wind to whip a smile
Just the world and you

Your tread off-sets quite sweetly
The on beat of a heart
With breathing a swung 3/4

No orchestra’s conductor
Or a metronome’s terse cluck
Could stick these feet to your floor

When we dance, my love, I’m floating
At least ten feet in the sky
You fly me, or I you
Each tight at the other’s side

When you pace, my dear, I’m stepping
My pulse pumped up in time
Our words slip effortless
In and out of the other’s stride
Track Name: Phantom Dancing Lover
If I touch you
I’m afraid you’ll turn to smoke
Light a phantom dancing lover

And were I to kiss
I’m scared that I might choke
On the idea of another

Another version of you
That I hadn’t banked on seeing
Another atom of you
Relearning what you’re being

And if you would look
You’d see me here looking
Making new memories of us

If I cried out
Can you hear me calling
Or we stuck apart because

I see you spending
What I can’t grasp a hold of
You’re feet treading
Where I can’t keep my soul up
Track Name: Traces In The Air
I take
One step
Further away
Than I imagined before

You skip
One beat
The edges frayed
Lonely at the door

You wave goodbye
I’m not there
You build me back
From thin air

And I know
That you’ll keep
Me safe in these clouds
But my matter has faded away

I take
A half breath
Before I exhale
And step on to these shores

And you
Keep breathing
Stumble along
Wishing we had more

And you look at nothing
And see so much there
And you’ve made me up
Out of the traces in the air
Track Name: Coffee In The Mornings
Bring me coffee in the mornings
We’re quiet in the dawn
The steam steams up your glasses
Your hands old and worn

I see you over distance
Impossible to cross
Like a hand held at a window
Saying everything’s not lost

There’s something in me burning
There’s a magnet in the chest
Stopping me from turning
And seeing what is left

My eyes are fixed to your points
The look is love alive
A half distant tune
The rhythms yours and mine

Because I have not lost you
We’re just biding our time
And I am still with you
Either side of a train line
We are both still travelling
And will meet as soon as may
Until then keep looking
And I’ll send my spirit your way

Bring me coffee in the mornings
We’re quiet in the dawn
The steam steams up your glasses
Your hands old and worn

I see you over distance
Impossible to cross
Like a hand held at a window
Saying everything’s not lost
Track Name: Cruise In The Bathtub
I’ll pack a lunch box
And you light the fire
You pitch the tent
I’ll rig the trip wire
I’ll light the candles
If you do the soap
The tinned beans and sausages
Jumper, vest and coat

And you turn the sound down
We’ll hear what’s outside
Turn off the heating
Open the windows wide
No space for the porch
The guy ropes hanging loose
Bring the duvet from the bedroom
Put the airbed to use

And camp with me on honeymoon in the front room
And stay with me, just like this, bride and groom
And I’ll keep you, so safely here in these arms
And hold me and we’ll come to no harm

And I’ll make the coffee
And you pour the wine
And I’ll do the toast
Three meals at the same time
You crush the crumble
The custard’s on the boil
I’ll take the shop potatoes
And roll them in soil

We’ll phone sick in the morning
And listen to the birds
Make up what they’re saying
Giving them all words
Take a cruise in the bathtub
A safari in the park
DJ on the ipod
And dance when it’s got dark

And we’ll stay forever here in our world
The kingdom of a dreamy boy and loved girl
And remember this, keener than the last night
If we love enough we’ll make it all come right

And we’ll stay, always locked in this bliss
And I will scrapbook each and every kiss
And paint them back on to my lips
I will keep you always and I’ll always keep this

And I’ll love in every way I know how
And I’ve had such happy times, more than I’m allowed
And I wish on every star in my sky
That it’s always me and you and you and I